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El Campo Santo has been serving community families for over 100 years. By providing affordable burial services with a high level of personal care and attention to our families, we believe El Campo Santo can provide your loved one a peaceful affordable resting place, in a vibrant meaningful environment. El Campo Santo is a member of The Atrisco Companies. The Atrisco Companies is a social enterprise that provides support to New Mexico Communities through various non-profit and community-focused organizations.  Our passion is to serve families from all cultures and walks of life.  We strive to give our customers the highest possible service experience at a most affordable price.

El Campo Santo, Inc. owns and operates Atrisco’s three cemeteries:

San Jose de Armijo, Santa Clara and Evangelico. The purpose of El Campo Santo is to assist families during a time of loss and a time of need. We aid our customers by providing a high level of service and support at an affordable price.

Our commitment to service does not end with the funeral service. It is our objective to serve the community by maintaining and improving the cemetery grounds so that future visits with loved ones can be enjoyed and experienced in the best possible way. El Campo Santo, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (13) corporation.

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Affordable high quality service, home visits, after hour availability to meet your needs, unique ecosystem friendly environment, freedom to personalize your loved one's grave site and, free community events on site once a year!

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Community and Family mean everything to El Campo Santo. If you’d like to volunteer for our upcoming events, please reach out directly to the cemetery manager, Anita Lucero.

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“Thank you for everything you helped with in my son’s passing. Very pleased with services”.

Vera L Marujo

“Our family likes the services and the cleanness of the cemetery every time we go it’s clean around my son’s grave. We enjoy the “Dia de Los Muertos” event as well. I will not change to another cemetery, we are happy with San Jose de Armijo cemetery”.

Lola Marquez

July 2018 I bought a plot at San Jose de Armijo cemetery the only real estate I have bought in my 73 years!! San Jose de Armijo is a beautiful cemetery much more inexpensive that most grass cemeteries. No expensive vault or liner required at this cemetery. I enjoy living simply and I want to die simply whether tomorrow or in 30 years from now… and I compliment El Campo Santo for their warm and helpful service.

Don Schrader


Retained from the sale of the land, these three cemeteries maintain the resting place of our ancestors and provide compassionate care to community families at a time of loss today. After Hours or to schedule a home visit please call ECS Director Anita Lucero at (505) 227-7353 and our ECS Director will be happy to assist you.

San Jose de Armijo
Santa Clara

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Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated, please click below or to speak with the Director, Anita Lucero, please call (505) 836-0306.

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